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Compilation of videos that helped me on my journey of spiritual awakening


Compilation of videos for survival preparedness and training


Video compilation of videos to prepare for upcoming shortages and changes


Informational videos that fall outside of the previous categories

UNDER CONSTRUCTION - Vides are operational

Population Control - Bill Cooper

This is one of many videos collected on this channel from the speeches of William Cooper.  Many of his speeches are lost or destroyed, but listening to him was key in my awakening. 

After years of being an athiest scientist, he became a prolific speaker for the Messiah and The Most High

Warning! The Wealthy Are Buying Farm Land. Why?

This video addresses how the cost of land will increase as the uber wealthy buy more acres of land

Seminar by Dave Canterbury at the 2015 NPS Expo in Louisville, Kentucky

A video discussing the importance of knowing the best tools and skills for survival

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