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80s Shows That Helped to Make Trends Popular

There were many shows in the 80s that incorporated the signature 80s style, but these shows left lasting impressions on the viewer. (1980 - 1993)

For brevity's sake, this list only covers shows that started in the 1980s and ended in the early 90s...and without further ado, let's get into it....



Dynasty 1981-1989

Dynasty was a series about The trials and tribulations of two wealthy, feuding families in the oil industry - the Carringtons and the Colbys

The fashions were extravagant and elegant and sometimes over the top, echoing the lives of the characters.

Dynasty wasn't the first prime time show to reflect opulence in the form of a dramatic soap opera, but the series still allowed the audience to become immersed in the glamorous and unpredictable lives of the characters - even if only for an hour a week

Image Credits

Photo by ABC Photo Archives/Walt Disney Television via Getty - © 2010 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. - Image courtesy

Photo by ABC Photo Archives/Walt Disney Television via Getty - © 2008 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. - Image courtesy



KNIGHT RIDER 1982-1986

Knight Rider was a show about a lone crimefighter that fought evil people and corporations with the help of an artificially intelligent supercar.

The full cast of Knight rider was nothing to sneeze at, but Michael played by David Hasselhoff and Kitt (Knight Industries Two Thousand) played by... Kitt - left 2x the impressions on the audience. 1, with the cool look of Michael in his signature black leather jacket and 2, was the cool of kit. Not only was he a black 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am - he could talk.



MIAMI VICE 1984 -1990

"Miami Vice" was a show that focused on the adventures of two undercover detectives in Miami Florida

Spreading Miami vibes across the country with their t-shirts and linen suits - the undercover detectives of Miami Vice - Detective James Crockett played by Don Johnson and Detective Ricardo Tubbs, played by Philip Michael Thomas - helped to set a trend that's still a prevalent part of men's casual wear 30 years later.


Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images - © 2013 Getty Images - Image courtesy

Photo by NBC/NBC via Getty Images - © 2012 NBCUniversal, Inc. - Image courtesy

Photo by NBC/NBCUniversal via Getty Images - © 2012 NBCUniversal, Inc. - Image courtesy

Photo by NBC - © 2012 NBCUniversal, Inc. - Image courtesy

People Don Johnson, Philip Michael Thomas

Titles Miami Vice, Calderone's Return: Part 2 - Calderone's Demise

© "Miami Vice", (episode: 'Calderone's Return: Part 2'), 1984



227 1985-1990

227 was a series that touched on sensitive issues of the time, while also providing comical relief.

Not necessarily known for the sense of style on the show, 227 became memorable in fashion history thanks to the Sandra character played by Jackee' Harry. While the rest of the cast wore attire more suitable for everyday wear, Jackee's fashions were always bold and bright - leaving an impression on the audience, regardless of her amount of time on screen.



Designing Women 1986-1993

Designing women was a show about the trials and relationships of 4 professional women working together to run a designing firm (re-record for new line - or cut and add title to explain further)

During a time when glass ceilings continued to be broken, especially for women's empowerment - television reflected this sentiment more on screen, and the women of designing women were always in their sharpest threads and usually shown in their business attire. Each woman was professional, with their own individual personalities, making the show relatable to (single - remove), independent, professional women



21 JUMP STREET 1987-1991

Cool cops - but Holly's hair though...

21 Jump Street was a show that chronicled the cases of an undercover police unit comprised of young officers specializing in youth crime.

The main wardrobe of the cast members was generally filled with the current fashion of the time - urban styles with touches of the personality of the characters - but the show made an impact with the character "Officer Judy Hoffs" played by Holly Robinson Peete when she wore her hair short and natural. It gave young women of color the opportunity to see an intelligent beautiful woman, rocking a natural short cut with confidence.



A Different World 1987-1993

A different world was a show that followed the lives of college students who learn and live on an HBCU campus.

Dwayne Wayne -

if you remember Dwayne Wayne, played by Kadeem Hardison, you remember those iconic glasses with the flip up shades. The style didn't stand the test of time, but for a while, you could find these everywhere from retail stores to state fairs.

Along with the glasses, Dwayne's backpack also made a fashion statement. Unlike the glasses, the popularity of this style of bag still remains today - being a design that adds ease of function and ergonomic comfort

Ron's Fedora's -

The fedora's worn by Ron Johnson, played by Darryl M. Bell may not seem as iconic as Dwayne's glasses and crossbody backpack, but they became a staple of his character and showed how a hat can be worn stylishly with any outfit - giving an example of a young person that trusted his own sense of individualism and style.





Hawaiian Shirts

Mr. T A - TEAM


The Fro-hawk and many gold chains



Mix and Match. Light punk influence



Black leather jacket


And now we've reached the end - without telling my age while telling my age, this video was nostalgic for me. I had fun going down memory lane to revisit the shows that I once watched and loved as a kid.

If you're interested in learning more about the series listed on this list - visit fashion film tv for source links...and on that have an awesome day, be good to yourself and good to others, peace.

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