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A Message from the Black Mirror (Crocodile) | A Psychopath Birthed by Technology

There's a lot of discussion about why this episode is called "crocodile". Some outlets say it's because Mia shed "crocodile tears", but I believe the meaning is a little deeper than that...


In general, a crocodile is any variety of related predatory amphibious reptiles, related to the alligator. When used for imagery it could stand for the instinctive, primitive and cunning nature of the crocodile

Egyptian Mythology

Sobek - Ancient Egyptian Crocodile God of the Nile

Sobek operated from a place of pure instinct, was often aggressive and violent in his behavior

Greek Mythology

Honor, speed, stealth, strength, instinct, cunning, bravery, efficiency, resilience, solar power, birth, dependability, indestructability, emotional depth, primal/ancient power

Muerte de un ciclista (1955) (Death of a Cyclist) Spain

Inspired by the 1955 film "Death of a Cyclist" about a couple that hide an accident involving a cyclilst in an attempt to hide their affair...


Crocodile starts out with a couple partying at a club. After the club, and while heading home, they hit a cyclist. Mia, played by Andrea Riseborough, pleads with Rob played by Andrew Gower to get help for the man, but he refuses - so - instead of calling for help or taking him to get help themselves - they decide to dispose of the motionless and keep the secret between the two - never to be spoken of again.

Over the years, Mia tries to put this memory out of her mind and becomes a successful architect that dedicates her life to making the world and it's structures more sustainable.

During an informal meet-up with Rob, who is now her ex - She learns that he has felt immense guilt over the years and wants to anonymously send a letter to the family to confess and to let them know what happened to their family member, the cyclist. Mia adamantly disagrees, fearing that technology will be used to identify the sender and in turn would alert the authorities about their parts in the crime, she ultimately makes the decision to do what she thinks needs to be done to keep this a secret.

Coincidentally on the same night an accident occurs on the same street as her hotel, involving a man and a self driving delivery mobile. An insurance investigation was initiated shortly after and the phrase being in the wrong place at the wrong time takes on a terrifying meaning.

After being contacted by the insurance investigator thanks to facial recognition, Mia tries to avoid memory scanning by making up a story about the accident in hopes of sending the investigator on her merry way.

Mia's decision to lie to the investigator about what she saw, actually pulled her further into the investigation and she is now required by law to allow a memory scan. By the end, what she thought would be a one time act to protect her secret, turned into a terminator spectacle as she attempts to pick off anyone that could tie her back to the crimes including what happened 15 years earlier.

Initial Thoughts / Theory

The twists and turns of this episode, really made me think about how she would've handled this without living in a world backed by technology.

Unlike the characteristics of the classic psychopath we hear about that hurts others due to a lack of empathy and simply not caring about the wellbeing of anyone else, Mia felt guilt and shame for the things she did.

Every action she took wasn't for her own gratification it was to get rid of the possibility of any witnesses having a memory scan. Without the scanning technology - there would've been no need to hurt anyone and she could've told her lies and went on with the rest of her false life.

Today, we have this technology - it doesn't have the same look as the scanners in Crocodile , but the ability to read memories or even predict future actions is already here.


Final Theory/Conclusion

This technology is something that can be truly beneficial in solving the injustices of the world - but with everything, there's a positive and a negative side - even if the negative parts aren't quite clear.

On the one hand, we could look at this episode as a simple tale of just rewards, consequences and Karma - showing that what goes up, must come down regardless of how technologically advanced society gets.

On the other hand, it's a story of how technology aided in making a dangerous criminal. Turning a thoughtful, concerned person into a diabolical murder who was willing to do anything to anyone for the sake of avoiding discovery....Yikes

On that note have an awesome day, be good to yourself and good to others, peace!!


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