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Black Mirror's Black Museum | Future Gadgets that Already Exist...Sort of

In the Black Museum, the owner takes a visitor on a horrifying tour of technology gone wrong, but the visitor has a surprise of her own.

Hi, this is nykole and welcome to chroma film tv. In this video, I'll be taking a look at the gadgets of the Black museum and show how the technologies of the episode are more than mere fiction.

and without further ado, let's get into it.

As the episode begins, a young lady named Nish, is seen driving a long distance, before parking at an old gas station to charge her solar powered car. For a moment, she looks around before setting her sights on the Black Museum across the parking lot. Once she gets to the building it's closed for tours, but she only has to wait a couple of minutes before being greeted by Rolo Haynes, the museum owner.

As she enters, she sees images from the previous seasons of Black Mirror, before getting to the first of three displayed devices, shown to her by Rolo...

Symphatic Diagnoser

Based on "The Pain Addict" by Penn Jillette (first story)

During his time as a med tech, Rolo approaches Doctor Peter Dawson, and shows him a device that would allow him to diagnose his patients faster by giving him the ability to feel the sensations the patient was describing.

After seeing a demonstration, Rolo explains that using this device would require an implant and the procedure was irreversible. The doctor had a few concerns at first, but after getting all the pros of the device from Rolo, the doctor agrees to go through with the procedure.

initially the device worked wonders and the doctor received praise and recognition for his successful surgeries. But one fateful day, he received a patient that passed while wearing the headpiece - and he could feel every sensation, birthing a twisted addiction to pain that destroyed his career and his life.

Jack & Carrie

Young couple, Jack and Carrie fall in love at first sight and after time together, they have a baby. One day, while Carrie took a picture of her boyfriend and their baby, she's hit by a truck. The collision causes her to fall into a coma.

Through the intercom system at the hospital, Carrie was able to communicate with jack by signaling a green light for yes and a red light for no.

After years of visiting Carrie, Jack is approached by Rolo who tells him about a project that could digitally extract a person's consciousness and place it in a new body - Jack's body.

Jack is concerned, but Carrie wants to go forward immediately. After completing the procedure, Carrie is able to see through Jack's eyes and feel the sensations of touch through his body.

Time passes and over time, Jack gets tired of hearing Carrie's voice in his head. Since she has the ability to see what he sees, she watches everything he does and has a complaint for almost everything he does. Eventually, Jack grows tired of the constant arguments and lack of a physicals contact and decides to start a new relationship, leading to Carrie's consciousness being transferred again and to the only new body available - a teddy bear.

Without Carrie's knowledge, Jack had her transferred to the bear and gave her to their son Parker, on his birthday as a birthday present. Jack told their son that the gift was very important and from his mother, but didn't tell him that the bear was his a sense.

As time passed, their son Parker got older and forgot about the toy. Leaving her all alone and trapped in an inanimate object as a body.

Clayton Lee

The final display Rolo showed Nish was the consciousness of a convicted killer. Clayton Lee was in prison on death row, convicted for killing a weather forecaster. During clayton's time in prison, Rolo convinced Clayton to release his consciousness after death, in case he doesn't receive the pardon he was seeking - and promised him that his family would be cared for. After telling his wife about his plans, she hates the idea, but he goes through with it after not receiving the pardon.

Nish is very concerned about the state of the man and asks Rolo a series of questions, including questions regarding the faulty evidence of the case. Rolo only sees clayton as a convict and is very dismissive in terms of Nish's questioning.

As Rolo continues his story, he explains how he brings Clayton's consciousness back to life, only to take him through continuous torture make a substantial profit from the sadistic victors that came to inflict and watch Clayton's pain. As a result of the continued torture and copies of his consciousness, his data became fragmented or corrupted and what was left was Clayton's consciousness in a vegetative state.

After Rolo finishes his story, Nish has some surprises of her own and has a way of letting Rolo know that she's there to do him in. After giving him a dose of his own medicine, she leaves the museum and makes sure there won't be any new visitors.


As far out as the transfer of conscious may seem to us, it's actually part of a series of projects that were in development long before this episode was even aired. Previous episodes of the show like crocodile, be right back, USS Callister and Rachel jack and Ashley too, to name a few, also placed a heavy focus on the topic of consciousness'.

As it is with nearly almost every black mirror episode, the series showed us what's in the plans for the future - as do a lot of films in the sci-fi genre.

The Brain Initiative

The Brain Initiative

The Brain Initiative - White House

President Obama Speaks on the BRAIN Initiative and American Innovation


BeAnotherLab (2012)

The Machine to Be Another

BeAnotherLab Creates Transformative Experiences with Tech – Brought to you by Hyundai

Scientists Transfer Thought

ABC News (2014)

Scientists Transmit Thoughts from One Brain to Another

The research, published in PLOS One, was conducted by scientists in Spain, India, France and the United States

Sometimes programming is used to steer the population, sometimes it's a distraction to take our eyes off of important issues and sometimes by the time we see it as being set in the future, we're already behind by 20 to 50 years.

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on that note, have an awesome day - Peace.


Sources links:

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The Brain Initiative

The Brain Initiative - White House

President Obama Speaks on the BRAIN Initiative and American Innovation

ABC News (2014)

Scientists Transmit Thoughts from One Brain to Another

Black Museum Trailer

Alice Wigley - Vimeo

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