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Nocturnal Animals | Is Edward Sheffield an INTJ?

7 reasons why I think the Edward Sheffield character of Nocturnal Animals is an INTJ

Screen written and Directed by Fashion Designer Tom Ford, The 2016 Drama Thriller Movie "Nocturnal Animals" is based on the 1993 novel "Tony and Susan" written by Austin Wright.

The story revolves around the gallery owner, Susan Morrow played by Amy Adams as she takes a walk down memory lane while reading the manuscript dedicated to her by her ex-husband, Edward Sheffield played by Jake Gyllenhaal.

Through her dismay of reading the troubling words on the pages, she's forced to reflect on choices she's made and has to start looking inwardly to recognize the damage she's done to herself and to those around her.


As an INTJ, I always find it cool to see characters that share my personality traits. When I recently watched Nocturnal animals, I found myself relating to the Edward Sheffield Character...

and here's some reasons why..

1. He's a writer

being a writer requires a person to spend many hours alone to allow them to compile, organize and tap into their thoughts to deliver the message they want to give. Alone time is like energy to an INTJ, which is probably why being a writer is one of the best careers for INTJs.

2. He's Creative

The story Edward wrote was riveting. He was able to immerse Susan in his world with his writings, causing her to start a journey of perspective and self reflection.

Creativity is a strong trait for INTJs. Our ability to think in the abstract, while pulling inspiration from our own thoughts and ideas makes us highly creative individuals

3. He didn't care about status

One of the points of contention for Edward and Susan while they were married was the fact that he wasn't more ambitious. He had a job and they appeared to be living comfortably, but his wife wanted more. Edward wasn't concerned about what other people wanted him to be, he was happy to live within his means until his writing career took off.

INTJs don't care about the status quo. "status" to an INTJ is strictly based on that individuals value systems, not the rules set by society.

4. His "Family" was dead to him

The reason why Edward and Susan were no longer together was because she cheated on him. Eventually, she married the man she cheated on him with and they had a daughter together - severing any hopes Edward may have had for them to reunite.

Not only did the love of his life break his heart. When you hurt an INTJ - you're dead to them. it's clear that Edward felt this way, which is why he hadn't accepted any calls or correspondence from Susan for almost 20 years.

5. He Communicated in Metaphors

Edward created a character that could express emotions for him, by putting his heart into his writing with metaphors. INTJs have a tendency to speak in metaphors, kind of like going around the answer with a painting of images in order to get a full picture of the message across, instead of stating things plainly.

Part of this may be because the average INTJ thinks no less than 20 years in the future. We have an abstract way of thinking, but we can channel those thoughts into focus - this also comes out in the way we communicate.

6. He was accused of being weak

There was a running sentiment in the film that Susan thought of Edward as weak. He didn't get riled up when he was angry and instead of continuing an argument, he would separate himself by walking away for the time being.

A person may assume that those with an INTJ personality type don't have emotions or are scared to show emotions and may see this is a weakness. On the contrary, having the ability to stay calm shows a high level of self control, which is a form of strength.

7. Revenge

In the end, Edward was able to get revenge by standing Susan up for dinner. She never believed in him and she took him for granted while they were together. Not calling or contacting Susan before or after they were supposed to meet, showed her exactly what she meant to him at this point...nada

The Fact that Edward sent her the book in the first place after 20 years, shows that it was done with the intention to turn her world upside down - leaving her feeling more empty than she felt before she started reading - pain that could be inflicted without bodily harm or breaking the law. It's the kind of wound that sticks around for a long time, leaving a person to question themselves and their true value in this world.


Edward almost sounds like a villain in this film, but he wasn't. He was simply a creative person, that was misunderstood like many of us. He seemed to desire peace and things that he found important in life. When those qualities were taken for granted and his trust was stomped on, he felt hurt and pain like anyone else - but instead of plotting to hurt Susan physically, he chose to get back at her in a way that would cause the greatest amount of mental and emotional damage by forcing her to reflect on and regret her Own actions.

INTJs or any other personality for that matter can become toxic over time if feelings of hurt or pain haven't been resolved.


Once upon a time I could've seen myself doing something like this now I realize that what you put out comes back to you, regardless of why you put it out in the first place - but that's just my 2 cents...

On that note, have an awesome day - be good to yourself and good to others. Peace.

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