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Star Trek INTJ's | Star Trek's Love Affair with INTJ's

In a dimension far away where being an introvert is considered by all to be a strength...

Taking a look at the many ways the Star Trek franchise has shown love to the INTJ personality type.


Created by Gene Roddenberry...

and inspired by C.S. Forester's Horatio Hornblower series of novels, Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels, and television westerns like Wagon Train.



Odo played by René Auberjonois is a misunderstood character - like many introverts.

Odo is a perfectionist that takes tremendous pride in his work. He dislikes those without the discipline to follow a moral code and he enjoys his personal space.

His character comes off as a stick in the mud, but he's really just in his head. Too concerned with internal thoughts of his job and his origin to be concerned with small talk.

Like many introverts, Odo is extremely protective of his feelings - taking 2 lifetimes to finally tell his love how he really feels about her. .



Seven played by Jeri Ryan, is focused, efficient, painfully blunt and a perfectionist.

She's strong minded and direct - choosing to pass on opportunities to engage in small talk, especially when it gets in the way of her completing a task.

She's a character that is conscious of everything around her, wanting to soak in and "assimilate" knowledge.

Contrary to being a former member of the Borg, she's independent and snears at authority, questioning orders instead of blindly following them. As blunt and serious as she is, she still oozes charm with her quick witted and sarcastic humor.



Jean Luke played by Patrick Stewart, is intelligent, stoic and prefers words on a page over people.

He finds joy in spending time alone with a glass of his own of wine, while reflecting on his thoughts.

Picard is perceptive, witty, charming and able to quickly adapt when necessary.

Aside from Q and a dislike of children due to their rambunctious and unruly nature - Picard is a skilled communicator who is able to put his introversion aside to deal with galactic sized conflicts.



Raised by Vulcans, after losing her parents during a Klingon invasion, Michael Burnham played by Sonequa Martin-Green, exhibits the same characteristics of Vulcan society.

Logical with the ability to regulate and control her emotions. Michael's character also showed us the other side of the logical thinker. After being stuck with an extroverted roommate, we have a chance to see what it's like when an introvert comes in contact with someone they trust and respect and who takes the time to get past the outer shell to see the full spectrum of the person hiding inside.



Spock played by Leonard Nimoy often dismisses any conclusions that are based on emotions.

He relies solely on his logic - seeing emotions as a weakness as they are illogical and unreliable.

Contrary to the appearance on the surface, Spock is not devoid of emotions. On the contrary - he and other Vulcans feel emotions quite deeply. The difference is in the expression. Vulcans see the expression of emotions as a weakness as it shows a lack of discipline and personal control.

You could say that Vulcans are based on INTJs as we also rely solely or heavily on logic when it comes to making decisions.

Like Vulcans, INTJs don’t show emotions easily, but tend to feel deeply and passionately choosing to not be controlled by those feelings. To us it's like an easy way out to react based on how one feels instead of looking at the entire situation to weigh out pros and cons before choosing the decision that makes the most logical sense.

Could you imagine a world full of INTJs?...



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